Wally's 4 Port Differential Receiver

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We are excited to announce that we are now the UK reseller for this product from Wally’s Lights.

You will require a Pixel controller with Differential output to use this Receiver.

Differential Receiver allows for over 150 feet network RJ45 networking distance from your pixel controller. Adding 4 additional remote ports for delivering more pixels to your show further then tradition 3 wire solutions.

Please ensure you've got the jumper on the correct voltage for your power supply.

5 / 12 volt selection 4 port pixel Differential Receiver allows up to 1600 pixels per port at 20 FPS or 800 pixels per port at 40 FPS. Over 40 feet between Differential Receiver to first pixel per port and doubling that distance with a f-amp in between.

You may also require: a WB1616 Pixel Controller, Meanwell Power Supply and Pigtails

**Note these are the latest release, which have been redesigned from the ground up and do not have the design flaw of the first batch.

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