WB1616 - Pixel Controller.

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We are excited to announce that we are now the UK reseller for this collaborative project between Wally’s Lights and Scott Hanson. 

The WB1616 is a BBB cape controller using the FPP software.  With 16 local, 16 Remote, and 2 DMX ports this controller is capable of controlling over 40,000 pixels. Both 12V and 5V pixels can be used with this controller by selecting the correct voltage on the left side of the board. Connect up to 4 Universal Differential Receivers to extend the range of your data lines and add 16 more ports. You can run up to 800 Pixels per port at 40fps and up to 1400 pixels per port at 20fps.


16 Local Fused Ports with LED indicators

4 x RJ45 Jacks to connect 4 Universal remote receivers to add 16 more ports.
Or use Falcon Smart receivers for even more!

2 DMX ports

5V/12V switch
(please ensure correct voltage is selected before adding power)

OLED display

4 Navigation buttons and a test button

1 Boot button to force SD card Bootup

Header pins to add a Real Time Clock

Holes to add GPIO input output

Reverse Polarity Protection

Voltage Sensors

 - - -


1 x WB1616 Controller Board

1 x OLED screen

1 x BeagleBone Black Rev C

1 x  32GB SanDisk Micro SD card with FPP v6 Installed.

 - - -

 Assembly Instructions:

1) Attach the Oled 4 pin display to the 4 female pins on the controller board

2) Mount the BBB on the bottom side of the controller board

3) Ensure the switch on the left side has the correct voltage selected 

4) Connect power wires to the power input terminals on the board.
(ensuring wiring matches markings on board).

5) Ensure xlights is closed

6) Add this file to your xlights > Controllers Folder
( on windows, typically C:\Program Files\xLights\controllers )

7) Open xlights - Add ethernet controller (Vendor Wally's Lights - Controller WB1616)

Starting with FPP 6 you will need a license key for the FPP software

It's a one time purchase and once installed is stored on the eeprom of the controller, so even if you reimage the bbb it'll still be valid.
The 48 port key is $30 (approx £25) and is available from https://shop.falconplayer.com/

 If you have an early version of the board and the navigation buttons dont work correctly, please upload the latest eeprom binary from here.  Upgrade in FPP via help, cape info.

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