Remote Button

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Perfect for Selfie Stations, this new board is designed to allow remote operation of FPP via buttons!
It connects to your existing instance of FPP over WiFi and triggers playlists at the touch of a button!

There are 6 button inputs, each with an output to connect a corresponding led (for illuminated buttons).

Runs on 5v or 12v

Easy configuration, connect the board to your PC/Mac via the micro-usb port, edit the config file (to provide WiFi details and playlist names) and save.

The board can then run from 5v, 12v or even a usb style battery pack!

*Requires an existing FPP v6 or v7 installation.
Buttons not included

If you have corrupted your settings.toml file, you can download a fresh copy here.
Download and replace the existing file on the REMOTE_BTN drive.

The latest firmware is available here. Simply extract the zip file to your REMOTE_BTN drive - overwriting when prompted.

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