P5 64x32 Outdoor RGB LED Panel

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P5 Outdoor Panel - 320mmx160mm with Pixels at 5mm spacing.

They come complete with one 20cm IDC cable to allow daisy chaining of multiple panels (you can build a giant video wall!) You also get a rubber gasket and one power cable for every two panels.

Voltage: 5V DC
Watts: 30W*
Amps: 8.3A*
Color: RGB
Pixels Width: 64
Pixels Height: 32
Total Pixels: 2,048
Width: 320mm
Height: 160mm
Scan Rate: 1/8
Mounting Screw Size: 4mm

The front of these is water resistant, but they will need to be mounted to a water resistant panel/enclosure.

Drain holes in the bottom allow moisture to escape.

A CAD file to help with the design of such an enclosure is available here.

RCVBP configuration file for LEDVision is available here.

Note: The mountings are different between indoor & outdoor panels so our range of 3D Printed mounts / STL files for P5's will NOT fit these panels.

* Full white at 100% Brightness
Data Only / Pixels off, 0.24A
Red, 100% 3.2A
Green, 100% 2.7A
Blue, 100% 2.8A
White, 100% 8.3A


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