Hanson RPI-MFC Board - for Raspberry Pi

Sale price£31.50


Suits Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 3B+, 4 and Zero

  • 1 x WS281x compatible outputs (WS2811, 2812, 2813, INK1003 etc) up to 800 Pixels
  • 1 x Panel (P5, P10) compatible output
  • 1 x DMX output that can be software configured for DMX, Renard, LOR
  • 3 x GPIO inputs that can be configured in software for triggers
  • Real time clock to allow standalone scheduled playback
    (Requires CR2032 Battery - Not Included)
  • 5V or 12V power (12V is 12-24V tolerant)
  • Fused power input for pixel outputs. Minifuse with max size of 10A.
  • OLED status/editing display
  • Compact PCB size is 67mm x 56mm

 *Does not Include RaspberryPi

Note: This hat will not require a licence for use with FPPv6.

Updated Binary Image for the EEPROM is available here.

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