Hanson PDist1 - 5 Way Power Distro Board

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Power supply distribution board for direct connection to enclosed power supplies like Meanwell RSP-320 / LRS-350 etc.

5 way fused power breakout pcb.

Mounts directly to the screw terminals of enclosed power supplies. The screws in the power supply need to be removed to insert board.

The board suits power supplies with at least 3 -V and +V terminals. It cannot be used with power supplies with less.

When looking at the power supply the -V terminals must be to the right of the +V terminals (when the terminals are at your end, not the far end).

With power supplies with more than 3 each of -V and +V terminals the 3 of each adjacent to each other must be used. Any ones outside of that can be ignore or wired to as standard.


4 15A (max) 8.25mm terminal outputs. Compatible with spade connectors

1 10A (max) 5mm screw terminal output

Automotive mini fuseholder for each output

Note:- 5A Fuses supplied, please confirm these fit your requirements before powering the board.

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