Colorlight 5A-75B v8 8 Port Receiver Card

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Colorlight 5A-75B v8 Receiver card, used in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi or PC with LEDVision software to connect up to 64 P5 or 128 P10 panels*.

*Maximum resolution of 512 w x 512h (8w x 8h P5's or 8h x 16w P10's).

If using FPP on a RaspberryPi, Colorlight cards may be daisy chained to allow the maximum FPP Panel size of 12w x 8h.

LEDVision software for Windows is required to configure the card before use with FPP - the latest version can be downloaded from:

Full specifications can be found here.

Our instructional videos (and there are many more at ) to help guide you through the setup process:


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