Adafruit RGB Matrix Bonnet - for Raspberry Pi

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This board is made in the form factor of the RaspberryPi Zero.

It allows operation of P5/P10 panels from the pi running FPP. It can be used with either the standard size or zero pi.

It's single output can run 6 P5 or 12 P10 on a regular pi and 4 P5 or 9 P10 from a zero.

Powered via 5VDC with the onboard 5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID positive tip connector, it will power the hat as well as the pi itself (do not connect power inputs to both the pi and hat at the same time)

It also has a 5v Output that can be used to power a single panel... as long as your power supply has enough amperage!

 *This does not include a RaspberryPi.*

Note: This hat will not require a licence for use with FPPv6.

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