8 Port SRx2 Differential Receiver Build Kit **Updated**

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Differential Receiver Build Kit

This build kit comprises all the additional components required to make a complete ready to go differential receiver build based on the 8 Port SRx2 Differential Receiver (not included).


Now includes extra cables & fittings to allow:

1 x SRx2 Receiver

--or --

2 x SRx1 / 2 x Falcon v1 (White) / 2 x Falcon v2 (Blue/Black) Receivers


We selected the Bud Industries 32016 enclosure as its a good size with space for a comfortable fit.

Designed to fit a single Meanwell RSP-320 5v or 12v PSU.

Kit Includes:

Pre-drilled Bud Industries 32016 Enclosure.
Laser cut power supply and differential receiver mounting boards.
Pre-terminated red and black 10AWG power cable.
8 x PG7 Glands
1 x PG9 Gland.
2 x RJ45 Passthrough Glands.
Cat5 cables.
Pre-terminated mains cable with moulded plug.
Heat shrink labels (for your pigtails).
All nuts, bolts, washers & associated hardware to complete the build.

Extras to complete your build:

Falcon SRx2 Receiver
Meanwell RSP-320 5v or 12v Power Supply

N.B. Build Kits are mode to order and have a turnaround time of approx 5-10 working days.

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