Hanson RPI-P10 Board - for Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi Adaptor Board to support up 3 strings of P10 or P5 panels.

Ideal for Tune To Signs...

Supports up to three P10 or P5 panel chains for Raspberry Pi2 and above (inc Pi Zero) that have 40 GPIO pins.

  • Each chain of panels can have up to 12 P10 (1/8th Scan) or 6 P5 (1/16th Scan) panels.
  • Has 75HC245 to level shift signals from Raspberry Pi 3.3V logic to P10/P5 5V logic.
  • Connector to power the Pi with 5V from the hat rather than a USB lead
  • 3x 16pin IDC (2×8) male shrouded headers to connect the panels.
  • 1x 40pin female connector to connect to the Raspberry Pi
  • Mounting holes to fit Raspberry Pi

Depending on the panels that are used and the model of Pi it may be necessary to adjust the “GPIO Slowdown” on the Led Panels tab of Falcon Player in order to reduce/remove flickering or tearing in images on the panels.

A sample configuration for a Pi4 is shown in the images section of this page.

Note: This hat will not require a licence for use with FPPv6.

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